A wedding, a “baptism,” and a picnic


Six years ago, I photographed Sarah’s wedding, above, in Lexington. We had an awesome day in the downtown area and bid the happy couple good luck. To my surprise, I received an email a few weeks ago from Sarah. Life happened and things had changed.

Sarah & Jeff had met three years ago, moved around and landed in Knoxville. On Friday, they made a dash for downtown and tied the knot before dinner. Monday, Kelly & I joined them for a hike in the woods to celebrate the new union. Our group also included Sarah’s sister & her boyfriend to help watch Nick, Sarah & Jeff’s 13-month old son, who is completely adorable. Needless to say, a happy couple + wedding dress + hiking trails (with a little rain thrown in for good measure) made for a really fun day…


2 Responses to “A wedding, a “baptism,” and a picnic”

  1. 1 Kelly

    That was a fun day!

  2. 2 nonfictiondesign

    Loving the muted tones that really pop with the vignetting 🙂

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