I’m super excited to be a part of the winter gear testing team for Outdoor Research this year! I will be trying out three new apparel pieces and posting photos, thoughts and feedback here, on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. So be on the lookout for the #ORInsightLab hashtag… you’ll be seeing it a lot.

In my box were the Maximus Jacket, Floodlight Jacket and the Pelmo Sweater. The Maximus is a burly hardshell and will be perfect for my return trips to climb in Peru. I have worn it a couple times already in some rain showers, and it already puts my current hardshell to shame. This feels bulletproof. The Floodlight is a waterproof down jacket. I’m really interested to see how this holds up this winter. At first wearing, it was super warm… I hope we have a cold winter! 🙂 Finally, the Pelmo is a lifestyle/casual sweater that I can see me wearing all winter. It’s perfect for the office or outdoor excursions. As the winter moves along and I’m able to get out more, I will be more detailed, these are my impressions right out of the box.

Rain is in the forecast today… I feel weird actually looking forward to poor weather now! Hahahaha! And huge thanks to Brian Powers for the pic of me in the Pelmo Sweater below from Homecoming. It was a cold & miserable day, but it kept the chill at bay!






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