#ORInsightLab: Floodlight Jacket



As part of the Outdoor Research ORInsightLab group of citizen testers, I am fortunate to try out new gear as it is rolled out this year.

First up is the Floodlight Jacket. This is the perfect combination of insulating and shell layers! On the puffy side, it’s a super warm 800-fill jacket that will keep you warm in the coldest environments. Bonus: it sports a legitimate Pertex fabric hard shell to fend off the nastiest weather, making it the ultimate all-in-one mountain piece.

I wore this jacket all day today in the cold, 33-degree rain walking up and down the Hill at WKU with my 20-pounds of camera gear. The Floodlight kept me perfectly dry and super warm. Almost too warm!

The Floodlight definitely falls in the belay jacket/outerwear category. It’s a bit too bulky to be a pure insulating piece, and there is no need for a separate shell, which is really nice. It’s compressible to a point, so it will take up slightly more room in your pack than a typical down puffy. The pockets are well placed for wearing with a pack or harness and there is one chest pocket on the left side.

Bottom line: this is the super warm, weatherproof puffy you’ve been waiting for. It’s hard to find a downside.


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