My photo on the cover story of Epiclist's Medium page. | Oct. 3, 2014

My photo on the cover story of Epiclist’s Medium page. | Oct. 3, 2014

Relationships are at the core of just about everything on earth, from your neighbors to who you tie-in with on the sharp end of a climb. And these relationships are invaluable… and the effort it takes to build these relationships is often a mammoth undertaking, which makes the end result even more special. I am lucky to have great relationships with some key players and a few newcomers to the outdoor industry. One of the new bright spots in the outdoor world is an app and Medium website from Epiclist.  I read about the new app last year when I returned from my American Climber Science Program expedition to Peru and added my journey to their map. I spent some time creating each step of my trip and adding photos within the app (iOS). As one of the early adopters and first journeys about South America, it caught the eye of the app developer Stan Bugaev and we started a conversation. They loved my work (thanks!) and I was able to provide some feedback on their app and create content from Peru, Costa Rica and the US. I always love showing my work, and appreciate when it is spotlighted. Through our ongoing communication, several of my journeys have been featured within their app, and I have been selected as one of their “Everyday Heroes” with a story on the Medium site. Wow, talk about being blown away! And then this morning, they are curating their favorite stories from the mountains, and I am #2, just behind Everest… hey, I’ll take it. 🙂

But it made me stop and reflect on how valuable relationships are in our world. I got my first job in the photography world because of the relationship I had fostered with the local newspaper, and the snowball grows from there to my current job at WKU and further connections with the American Alpine Club. I can’t thank everyone enough that took a chance on me or believed in me enough to hire me over someone else that may have had a better portfolio. It all comes down to the relationship, and I’m striving to hold up my end of the bargain.

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