Peru: 2013 v. 2016


Seeing the photos of the American Climber Science Program’s expedition this summer has really bummed me out. Reasons? 1. I’m not there. 2. The glaciers are gone. Not just a little bit, but completely and drastically different. So I grabbed pics from this year’s crew and compared them to my last trip in 2013. Let’s just say the comparison should speak for itself, especially Ranrapalca & Andevite. Peru is in a unique position with it’s region of the Andes… tropical glaciers are the canary in the mine, if you will, the first signal of a changing planet. I just hope the rest of the world recognized and addresses the issue before its too late.

It may not be shields up/red alert just yet, but it sure is on the horizon. And having been there personally, and seen a change from 2011 to 2013 first hand, the difference in 2016 is alarming.

toc ranrapalca maparaju bc cayesh glacier andevite

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